In this week’s lecture we discussed what is the Media is and how to go about as media professional in the public and seek information. The Media is merely “communicating through different mediums” such as Newspapers and Television alongside many other examples. However, due to the arrival of social media and and the internet this has brought a level of complexity to media never seen before. Thus bringing us into a more innovative stage in the media, allowing us to become apart of this progressive era in today’s media, which is why studying media and communications or any degree alongside the media has proven to be extremely popular.

Once we had this discussion within the lecture we discussed the 5 W’s (Who? What? Where? When? & Why?)

5 Questions that should become the basis of any interview as a researcher.

Our lecturer also said: “It is important to use these questions yes, but only to find a matter within the person your researching that leads on to more interesting information. Use the 5 W’s only as a starting point.”

I then interviewed my classmate to find out she was a international student from Lituania who came to the Coventry because of the media department’s reputation and also because there isn’t a university that does such a course as “Media.” I also found out that she has danced for 12 years, but since coming to Coventry she hasn’t been dancing due to there being only a Salsa Society. Which she she strongly put was not her strong suit.

I believe that this workshop definitely was a great start to the course and I’m looking forward to what awaits in this module.

Yours Faithfully,