Documentary Photography | Cover Letter

I am a creative individual who aims to strive towards success in all areas. I am a very practical person who has experience using my networking and communications skills to achieve my goals. My love for the art of expression has giving me an almost militant mindset when it comes to getting my art to a standard that people can really receive the message. I have worked as a Freelance Photographer with the Owner of Rawroots ‘Ayara Pommells’ which taught me how the environment was for a Photographer and how much I enjoyed capturing moments, hence the only choice of which type of photographer would be one which documents the process of Artistry and Current Events in a way that can allow us as a people to resonate with that moment once more.


Social Media Manager REFLECTION

Social Media Manager


Lauren Bromley was not what I expected as her Manager role insinuates that she would have to be older due to the experience needed for any managerial role. In this case however, she had only finished her degree in Birmingham only 3 years ago and yet she was already doing well with her Career.


She then went onto how she got into the industry and realized that their is still a larger amount of job within this Creative Media sector. As the field is growing and as someone who at feels that networking is the main reason to employment in the majority of industries in this day and age but Abbie came to say that as important as it is, hard work and ability can provide rewards.


Lauren then speaks on her role as Social Media Manager at WPR in Birmingham and how important it is to follow public affairs. As In her job and the large majority of career paths in this day and age, everything is progressing at an incredibly fast rate. Lauren spoke on the fact her Clients are always calling her (up to 20 times a day) just to see if anything on the social media has changed.


Lauren not only reconfirmed that the industry I’m looking to work in is lucrative but also established that with hard work you will find a Job as a media professional.


I have been acting for almost 10 years now and enjoy it not only as a Artform but as a means to integrate with industry professionals.

Most recently K.B has worked with Some Such on their Music Video “Gang Signs & Prayer” for British Artist Stormzy. Previous work with Some Such also includes short film The Stepney Line Dancer.

Commercial work includes a worldwide commercial campaign for Fanta, iPhone 6s, Boots – Little Santa, Morrisons – Bistro Salad, Clic-Sargent Joke Appeal and TFL The Hare & the Tortoise.