Letter to Self

Dear Kairo,


Congratulations on getting through a year of university, it was not a easy year by the slightest but you did it and that mindset you have acquired through these hardships will help you go forward in this course. I cannot wait for 2nd Year as it allows me to study more in depth the fields I plan to take my degree but I implore the level of theory that has been shown to me in the lectures and seminars the lecturers have organized.


I wish to find some sort of work experience in the summer in the field of the media so that I can further my practical knowledge as well as looking into theories and ideologies that will be useful for future modules.


I also would like to say, Kai, you can do this.


Prove them wrong.


No matter what as long as you attempt to excel you can never do yourself any injustice.


Proud of you.







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