180MC Group Manifesto Feedback

My group and I’s task was to create a manifesto, which ended up on being presented with prezi with the topic being on Internet privacy. The research used was from the shoppers at the shopping centre in Birmingham. The feedback we received applauded these efforts alongside the theories we had used e.g – Dana Boyd. Sadly, even though my group’s presentation showed levels of promise, the feedback suggest there was a lack of narrative. The feedback also suggests we focused on the pros of our manifesto far too much in comparison to the cons to e.g – “ if everybody has easy access to their data it would be easier to hack” it would be ideal that my group paid more attention to detail to prevent the issues that could have been avoided. The feedback also states our main argument of Boyd’s chapter on the Internet and its message were misunderstood by our group. This lead to us grasping the opposite of what Boyd argues; this was a lesson I believe needed to be learned for future reference. We could also consult our lecturers a bit more to avoid human errors such as this. My group however, did show a level of understanding of Dana Boyd’s chapter into Internet addiction. Sadly this did not translate to our final presentation.



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