Critical Review 3

There was a screening of the classic “Boyz in the Hood’” in Dalston. This movie never fails to remind me about how African Americans have been oppressed for longer then I have been born. This movie was released on the 25th of October 1991 starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Cuba played Tre, a young African American who has been sent to his father in neighborhood South Central Los Angeles. Tre and his friends face many issues concerning police brutality, drugs and gang violence. Watching this movie in 2016 and realizing that these are still issues we as a society face today truly saddened me. As not only is there an issue, there are many that would say that there is no solution. I genuinely believe we as a society need to break down what the actual issue is. I believe it is to do with those in power trying to stay on top, dividing humanity as a species with conventions such as pigmentation or religion. However, as a people we need to confront the issue instead of remaining blind to it. I love this movie because it is both moving and entertaining as it’s a example of a young black male’s struggle and how to survive as a African American. Definitely, one of my favorite movies.


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