Critical Review 2

I had an opportunity to go to a short lecture on the Japanese art of repairing, ‘Kitsugi’. ‘Kitsugi’ is started when a shogun named Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a Chinese tea bowl back to China for repair. When it came back it was stapled together. Whilst the shogun desired a more flamboyant means of repair, thus inspired the technique ‘Kitsugi’. In this lecture, they began to talk about the philosophy behind ‘Kitsugi’. This is to embrace imperfections rather then merely hide in shame, that its okay not to be okay. The message that this sent is something instantly wanted to apply to my daily ethos. As you cannot please everyone, especially when it comes to wanting stretch boundaries in the field I am entering into. Acknowledging that my perspective on everything is not alien but significant. I have ambition to use my degree to go and work for brands that want to create and excel in whatever craft that may be. It could be fashion, TV, film, music or all the above but those same flaws could one day be what these companies want, a different perspective to acknowledge not only what is great about the establishment but also what they are lacking. I found this lecture very enlightening and I would love to go to more lectures in my spare time.


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