Critical Review 1

Recently, I had the opportunity to go and watch Deadpool and I was extremely impressed. The story is based on the Marvel’s anti-hero “Deadpool” a vigilante for hire who is known for his unstable personality and humor. Seeing this complex character on screen allowed me to see beyond the stereotypes around his crooked persona. As Marvel Characters such as Spiderman & The X Men have been given a lot more attention then Deadpool so to finally to see one of my favorite Comic Book characters on screen for the first time.


The Movie shed light on the former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson and his road to becoming Deadpool and the crooked experiments in which granted Wade Wilson his supernatural healing abilities & physical prowess. The downside to these experiments was that it disfigured his face to where he looked inhuman thus Deadpool spends the movie hunting down the man that gave was responsible.


The movie actually shows his love interest in the film, allowing me to see that not only was she as crazy as Deadpool but that Wade Wilson sought out the man that experimented on him for a cure for his appearance. Nevertheless, this women stayed by Wade Wilson’s side even after she had seen his face.


This lead to an incredible action backed thriller with some great comedic scenes and an incredibly entertaining narration.




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