182 Critical Reflection

This Assignment was for my group and I to create a 30min “behind the scenes” documentary. Our group was required to document the tasks set in that specific module. I’m glad to say that there was some good feedback and that the negative were extremely helpful. One thing that was pointed out to us in the feedback was that we should have been more integrated within the documentary as a lot of the footage was taken individually and put together after, thus allowing me to understand the criticism. However, the way in which captions to reference theories and readings on specific research methods as well as our use of theory from a prior module was acknowledged and praised. Feedback that was also of use was to be more attentive to sensitive matters such as Religion and Race and to be that more considerate with what it is you say and how you say it e.g. Muslim Outfit. As a media professional, I should have done my research upon the garments as saying ‘Muslim Outfit’ sounds extremely ignorant to the culture addressed. Nevertheless, he impressed by our attention to the different research methods and engagement with readings that shaped each task. In 2nd Year I plan to take my level of references up a notch so that I can get the grades I desire in this course.




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