Cabinet of Curiosities

What I have from in my cabinet of curiosities weirdly is my laptop. I cannot go a day without using my laptop because it is become such a prominent tool at my disposale. My laptop is a Macintosh, which allows me to use software exclusive to apple products such as Logic X. Logic X is a music production software where I am able to create music. Whether that’s recreational and professional with my laptop I’m able to create, mix and master my own song and export it into mp3 seamlessly.


I’m also able to use popular applications such as Microsoft Word, which is the mainly used to type up essays and notes within lecture. The other applications from Microsoft like Powerpoint, Excel and so forth are also ready and easy to access so that I can use when necessary.


Having a Macbook is extremely helpful when having other Apple products like an iPhone for example. If you lose it, you are able to track it with the ‘find my iPhone’ app and it will track your phone’s location. I found this incredibly handy when I lost my iPhone in Hyde Park in the summer and because I used this app, I had found it with no trouble.


Another really helpful tool with this laptop is the iCloud function, as it allows me to upload photos, videos and so forth onto the Cloud. I find this incredibly important as I can put all of my creative projects and ideas within my personal iCloud. Backing up these projects means a lot to me because I put a lot of value into my ideas and thoughts. This Macbook acts as a platform to track my thoughts and create, plus the fact my ideas are safe truly makes me feel at rest. My laptop truly is a asset I hold close.




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