Documentary Photography | Cover Letter

I am a creative individual who aims to strive towards success in all areas. I am a very practical person who has experience using my networking and communications skills to achieve my goals. My love for the art of expression has giving me an almost militant mindset when it comes to getting my art to a standard that people can really receive the message. I have worked as a Freelance Photographer with the Owner of Rawroots ‘Ayara Pommells’ which taught me how the environment was for a Photographer and how much I enjoyed capturing moments, hence the only choice of which type of photographer would be one which documents the process of Artistry and Current Events in a way that can allow us as a people to resonate with that moment once more.


Social Media Manager REFLECTION

Social Media Manager


Lauren Bromley was not what I expected as her Manager role insinuates that she would have to be older due to the experience needed for any managerial role. In this case however, she had only finished her degree in Birmingham only 3 years ago and yet she was already doing well with her Career.


She then went onto how she got into the industry and realized that their is still a larger amount of job within this Creative Media sector. As the field is growing and as someone who at feels that networking is the main reason to employment in the majority of industries in this day and age but Abbie came to say that as important as it is, hard work and ability can provide rewards.


Lauren then speaks on her role as Social Media Manager at WPR in Birmingham and how important it is to follow public affairs. As In her job and the large majority of career paths in this day and age, everything is progressing at an incredibly fast rate. Lauren spoke on the fact her Clients are always calling her (up to 20 times a day) just to see if anything on the social media has changed.


Lauren not only reconfirmed that the industry I’m looking to work in is lucrative but also established that with hard work you will find a Job as a media professional.


I have been acting for almost 10 years now and enjoy it not only as a Artform but as a means to integrate with industry professionals.

Most recently K.B has worked with Some Such on their Music Video “Gang Signs & Prayer” for British Artist Stormzy. Previous work with Some Such also includes short film The Stepney Line Dancer.

Commercial work includes a worldwide commercial campaign for Fanta, iPhone 6s, Boots – Little Santa, Morrisons – Bistro Salad, Clic-Sargent Joke Appeal and TFL The Hare & the Tortoise.



Letter to Self

Dear Kairo,


Congratulations on getting through a year of university, it was not a easy year by the slightest but you did it and that mindset you have acquired through these hardships will help you go forward in this course. I cannot wait for 2nd Year as it allows me to study more in depth the fields I plan to take my degree but I implore the level of theory that has been shown to me in the lectures and seminars the lecturers have organized.


I wish to find some sort of work experience in the summer in the field of the media so that I can further my practical knowledge as well as looking into theories and ideologies that will be useful for future modules.


I also would like to say, Kai, you can do this.


Prove them wrong.


No matter what as long as you attempt to excel you can never do yourself any injustice.


Proud of you.






180MC Group Manifesto Feedback

My group and I’s task was to create a manifesto, which ended up on being presented with prezi with the topic being on Internet privacy. The research used was from the shoppers at the shopping centre in Birmingham. The feedback we received applauded these efforts alongside the theories we had used e.g – Dana Boyd. Sadly, even though my group’s presentation showed levels of promise, the feedback suggest there was a lack of narrative. The feedback also suggests we focused on the pros of our manifesto far too much in comparison to the cons to e.g – “ if everybody has easy access to their data it would be easier to hack” it would be ideal that my group paid more attention to detail to prevent the issues that could have been avoided. The feedback also states our main argument of Boyd’s chapter on the Internet and its message were misunderstood by our group. This lead to us grasping the opposite of what Boyd argues; this was a lesson I believe needed to be learned for future reference. We could also consult our lecturers a bit more to avoid human errors such as this. My group however, did show a level of understanding of Dana Boyd’s chapter into Internet addiction. Sadly this did not translate to our final presentation.


182 Critical Reflection

This Assignment was for my group and I to create a 30min “behind the scenes” documentary. Our group was required to document the tasks set in that specific module. I’m glad to say that there was some good feedback and that the negative were extremely helpful. One thing that was pointed out to us in the feedback was that we should have been more integrated within the documentary as a lot of the footage was taken individually and put together after, thus allowing me to understand the criticism. However, the way in which captions to reference theories and readings on specific research methods as well as our use of theory from a prior module was acknowledged and praised. Feedback that was also of use was to be more attentive to sensitive matters such as Religion and Race and to be that more considerate with what it is you say and how you say it e.g. Muslim Outfit. As a media professional, I should have done my research upon the garments as saying ‘Muslim Outfit’ sounds extremely ignorant to the culture addressed. Nevertheless, he impressed by our attention to the different research methods and engagement with readings that shaped each task. In 2nd Year I plan to take my level of references up a notch so that I can get the grades I desire in this course.



Critical Review 3

There was a screening of the classic “Boyz in the Hood’” in Dalston. This movie never fails to remind me about how African Americans have been oppressed for longer then I have been born. This movie was released on the 25th of October 1991 starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Cuba played Tre, a young African American who has been sent to his father in neighborhood South Central Los Angeles. Tre and his friends face many issues concerning police brutality, drugs and gang violence. Watching this movie in 2016 and realizing that these are still issues we as a society face today truly saddened me. As not only is there an issue, there are many that would say that there is no solution. I genuinely believe we as a society need to break down what the actual issue is. I believe it is to do with those in power trying to stay on top, dividing humanity as a species with conventions such as pigmentation or religion. However, as a people we need to confront the issue instead of remaining blind to it. I love this movie because it is both moving and entertaining as it’s a example of a young black male’s struggle and how to survive as a African American. Definitely, one of my favorite movies.

Critical Review 2

I had an opportunity to go to a short lecture on the Japanese art of repairing, ‘Kitsugi’. ‘Kitsugi’ is started when a shogun named Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a Chinese tea bowl back to China for repair. When it came back it was stapled together. Whilst the shogun desired a more flamboyant means of repair, thus inspired the technique ‘Kitsugi’. In this lecture, they began to talk about the philosophy behind ‘Kitsugi’. This is to embrace imperfections rather then merely hide in shame, that its okay not to be okay. The message that this sent is something instantly wanted to apply to my daily ethos. As you cannot please everyone, especially when it comes to wanting stretch boundaries in the field I am entering into. Acknowledging that my perspective on everything is not alien but significant. I have ambition to use my degree to go and work for brands that want to create and excel in whatever craft that may be. It could be fashion, TV, film, music or all the above but those same flaws could one day be what these companies want, a different perspective to acknowledge not only what is great about the establishment but also what they are lacking. I found this lecture very enlightening and I would love to go to more lectures in my spare time.

Critical Review 1

Recently, I had the opportunity to go and watch Deadpool and I was extremely impressed. The story is based on the Marvel’s anti-hero “Deadpool” a vigilante for hire who is known for his unstable personality and humor. Seeing this complex character on screen allowed me to see beyond the stereotypes around his crooked persona. As Marvel Characters such as Spiderman & The X Men have been given a lot more attention then Deadpool so to finally to see one of my favorite Comic Book characters on screen for the first time.


The Movie shed light on the former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson and his road to becoming Deadpool and the crooked experiments in which granted Wade Wilson his supernatural healing abilities & physical prowess. The downside to these experiments was that it disfigured his face to where he looked inhuman thus Deadpool spends the movie hunting down the man that gave was responsible.


The movie actually shows his love interest in the film, allowing me to see that not only was she as crazy as Deadpool but that Wade Wilson sought out the man that experimented on him for a cure for his appearance. Nevertheless, this women stayed by Wade Wilson’s side even after she had seen his face.


This lead to an incredible action backed thriller with some great comedic scenes and an incredibly entertaining narration.



Cabinet of Curiosities

What I have from in my cabinet of curiosities weirdly is my laptop. I cannot go a day without using my laptop because it is become such a prominent tool at my disposale. My laptop is a Macintosh, which allows me to use software exclusive to apple products such as Logic X. Logic X is a music production software where I am able to create music. Whether that’s recreational and professional with my laptop I’m able to create, mix and master my own song and export it into mp3 seamlessly.


I’m also able to use popular applications such as Microsoft Word, which is the mainly used to type up essays and notes within lecture. The other applications from Microsoft like Powerpoint, Excel and so forth are also ready and easy to access so that I can use when necessary.


Having a Macbook is extremely helpful when having other Apple products like an iPhone for example. If you lose it, you are able to track it with the ‘find my iPhone’ app and it will track your phone’s location. I found this incredibly handy when I lost my iPhone in Hyde Park in the summer and because I used this app, I had found it with no trouble.


Another really helpful tool with this laptop is the iCloud function, as it allows me to upload photos, videos and so forth onto the Cloud. I find this incredibly important as I can put all of my creative projects and ideas within my personal iCloud. Backing up these projects means a lot to me because I put a lot of value into my ideas and thoughts. This Macbook acts as a platform to track my thoughts and create, plus the fact my ideas are safe truly makes me feel at rest. My laptop truly is a asset I hold close.